Nowhere the Midsummer celebrating is more traditional than in Dalarna and this fact has given the name to the Midsummer horse, which is carved by Bernt Jacobsson and painted by his wife Inger. -We started with the horses in 1997.

The primary colour of the horses is blue, as lake Siljan and the decoration, a pattern full of details, is red, yellow and green. Think of the flowers, which decorate the maypole! The horses are numbered and marked by Inger's trademark - a humblebee.

The Midsummer is a very important holyday in our country and it could be worth a horse.

The Midsummerhorses are made in the following sizes:

13 cm, 15 cm, 17 cm numbered: 1-500
20 cm, 30 cm numbered: 1-50
50 cm numbered: 1-?


We started making the Christmas horse in the year of  2000. A number of collectors and customers gave us the idea to the Christmas Horse, which is white as snow, green as the Christmas tree, red as the Christmas Star, siler as the tinsel and golden as the top star.

The Easter Horse has the same story and was first made in the year 2001. It is green as the grass in springtime, yellow as the daffodels and blue as the grape hyacinths.

The Christmas Horse and the Easter Horse are made in the same sizes as the Midsummer Horse. Numbered: 1-500.



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